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This Is A Colored Section Title To Break Up Your Page

Mindfulness and running advice by one of the world's leading experts on mindful movement and achieving the "in the zone" flow state.

1. Breathe Easy and Quiet Your Mind.

2. Get Focused and In the Zone.


3. Discover your own Natural Running Stride.

4. Run Faster, Lighter and Further at Any Age.

5. Recover Quicker And Stay Injury-Free.


Take the guesswork out of your running and fitness routine.
Find articles and videos on body, mind & spirit.

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What you'll get from MindfulRunning.org

Our mission is to help you run in the zone, get in your best shape, and perform at your
best, no matter your fitness level nor experience. To do this, we’ll help balance body,
mind and spirit for fantastic gains, with minimum chance of injury.

So how’s this different from any other fitness site? There are others that focus on the
body, and a few that look on the body-mind connection, but almost none that focus on
the complete package of body, mind and spirit.

It’s only by looking at our whole selves, rather than just a body or just a mind that we
learn how to fully heal, grow strong, or fly along almost effortlessly. Running in balance,
you’ll grow healthier, and faster than ever before, WHILE becoming more present,
relaxed AND injury free!

We’re hackers here, helping you crack the code to your health, fitness, and performance,
taking your running to a level far-beyond what you ever thought possible. To do this we’ll
help bring mindfulness to every aspect of your life, because training’s not just what
you do when you run. It’s what you do the other 22 or 23 hours that often matter the most.

So we’ll look at how you eat, sleep, sit, stand, think, walk, and even talk--particularly to
yourself. And we’ll help you rewire your mind, supercharge your spirit, and bring each
piece into harmony with the other.

You’ll learn how to sleep better, train better, maximize nutrition, shed unwanted weight
and think more clearly than you ever have before. And of course, you’ll learn the lightest,
most efficient way to run for your unique body.

In addition to cutting-edge articles that go way outside the box, you’ll also get access to
free podcasts and webinars, entertaining and highly educational videos about mindful
running and mindful living, plus new workouts, great recipes, and lots of free bonuses,
like our upcoming Mindful Running Gear Guide.

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