Mindful Running 2.0
An Online Training Program

12 Weeks to Supercharge Your Fitness, Improve Your Running Form, and Transform Your Runs into Blissful Meditation

Dear Runners,Michael Sandler-Creator of the Mindful Running Training Program

Welcome to the release of the Mindful Running 2.0 Training Program. This program will change your running and may very well change your life!

If you're like me it'll help you run smoother, more naturally, and with less chance of injury. And you'll find it regenerative,  finishing your runs more energized!

It gives you amazing mindfulness benefits too. You become more present and aware, creating more positive experiences, greater inner-peace, and surprising productivity too—there's a reason top companies such as Google want all their employees to learn mindfulness!

AND for me, it's a near-spiritual experience too. It's my quiet time, where I'm running in a state of pure bliss.

Here are a few highlights:

1)  Supercharged Fitness: Through workouts, drills, and breathing exercises, you'll take your running to an entirely new level. Imagine greater health while feeling calmer, stronger, and more capable. In other words, you'll have more fun!!!

2)  Your Best Natural Running Form: You’ll powerfully enhance body awareness, learning to run with it, rather than against it. This means less impact and fatigue. Imagine feeling stronger with each mile! 

For our barefoot and minimalist running fans out there, we'll fine-tune your barefoot running form, taking your running to an entirely new level!

3)  Running Visualizations and Mantras: Learn powerful visualizations and mantras to help overcome fatigue, fly up hills, and get in the zone—plus heal fast if necessary. People have said these tools go way beyond running and have literally changed their lives.

4)  Live On-Line Seminars and a Growing Online Global Community: You'll get 12 weeks of day-to-day instruction, training tips, advice and workouts, PLUS bi-weekly classes where you can ask me anything.

You'll also join our online community where you'll share common experiences and learn and grow together.

Below you'll learn why this revolutionary approach is the perfect foundation for your best running ever, and the best YOU you've ever been!

I look forward to seeing you in the program.

Have Fun, Be Mindful, and Run Free!

Michael Sandler

P.S. Inside you'll get over 100 training videos  you can download and own forever.*

P.P.S. It comes with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee…try it completely risk-free.

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The Mindful Running Pyramid

What is Mindful Running and What Makes it Unique?

  • 1. Mindfully Supercharged Fitness

    You’ll get a boost in energy through revolutionary breathing techniques  – the kind & gentle way.

  • 2. Lighter Natural Running Form

    This means running with your body, not against it.

  • 3. Harnessing the Power of Mindfulness

    Develop greater awareness, focus and bliss.

1. Mindfully Supercharged Fitness

Fitness Boosted by Mindful Breathing:
Strengthen Your Heart, Lungs and VO2 Max!

  • Learn how breath work can dramatically improve your fitness, strength and endurance.
  • Learn ancient breathing techniques to reduce your heart rate, blood pressure, and fatigue levels—and even drop your times!
  • Discover how to dramatically boost your VO2 to run stronger, less winded, and with quicker recovery.

2. Your Lightest Natural Running Form

How Your Body Was Born to Run

  • By cultivating greater body awareness and the latest natural running form, you'll discover the lightest, most efficient and symmetrical stride—for you!
  • Learn how to run gravity-assisted, using the entire body as a spring—with a high cadence, perfect posture, and no wasted motion
  • Discover how to run from the core with relaxed arms and legs…allowing you to change pace, run up hills, and sprint ahead with ease!

3. Harnessing the Power of Mindfulness

Turn Your Runs Into a Blissful Centered Practice

  • Learn to quiet the mind—increasing happiness, decreasing stress, and boosting brain power!
  • Cultivate greater focus and awareness of your body, your mind, and your life—With this hyper-awareness comes the ability to improve almost anything.
  • Discover how to access you're own special sacred place, where your mind is clear, the “big picture” is evident and everything feels much better.
  • Learn how to get in the zone, or that flow-state for miles of effortless running in a perfect state of bliss.

What's Inside the Program?

12 Weeks of training with over 100+ Instructional Videos on everything you need to know, Plus Step-by-Step, Day-by-Day Training Schedules and I haven't even gotten to the BONUSES yet!

1. A 12-Week Day-to-Day Training Program

Each week you'll get a new day-to-day training program and new training videos that sequentially build. Step-by-step you'll be learning dozens of proven tips, techniques, stretches, drills and tools to take your running to an entirely new level.

2. Six LIVE Online Classes with DIRECT ACCESS to Michael Sandler for your questions!

This is your chance to ask your questions directly to Michael Sandler and learn live! Every two weeks you'll get to attend a live online class and personal Q & A session. AND you'll learn the latest techniques, plus tips and advice found nowhere else in the program.

3. Natural Running Form Instruction

Step-by-step you'll learn about each nuance of your stride: from the moment your foot makes contact, to leg turn-over and recovery, pelvic position and core engagement, to arm swing and even how you carry your head. On top of that, you'll learn to listen to your body to fine-tune and dial-in your stride to the one that's best for you.

4. Running Drills, Core Work & Strength Training

You won't just learn natural running form, but drills to help you perfect it! Plus you'll learn core drills to help you run strong, symmetrically and light--and with less chance of injury too. On top of that, you'll get single-leg strength and balance work to hone your best running form ever!

5. Weekly Running Meditations, Visualizations, Mantras

Each week you are going to get new ways to integrate meditation into your runs. You will get the best of East AND West. Learn techniques taken from Olympic training and faster athletes. Learn techniques from moving meditation traditions from China and Japan.

6. Private Facebook Group & Mindful Running Community

You become a part of a select community of mindful runners from around the world. You'll make friends, ask questions, answer questions, and grow in experience. You'll be inspired, and perhaps one day want to teach or become a coach yourself!

7. Powerful Bonuses along with One-on-One time with Michael Sandler

As a member of the Program you'll get access to valuable bonuses that will supercharge your progress and help you exceed your goals. Plus you'll also get individual, one-on-one time and attention from Michael Sandler. Keep scrolling down to find out more about these incredible bonuses...

Over 100+ Mindful Running Instructional Videos
with Day-by-Day Training Schedules

12 Weeks to Mastering an Easier, Lighter, Regenerative Method of Running that Will Fill Your Life with Bliss and Vitality

WEEKS 1 & 2

How to Reconnect with Body, Breath and Mind to Set Yourself Up For Success

  • Strengthening your breathing muscles while deepening and slowing your breath
  • Learn how to learn, trouble-shoot and take action to what you’re body’s telling you
  • Boost your cardiovascular system for easier running, greater focus, and better sleep
  • Daily meditations to set yourself up for success, helping you quiet the mind, putting you in a place of joy and gratitude, and helping greatly increase your focus.
  • Learn the fundamentals of Mindful Walking and Perfect Posture
  • Mindful Stretching - Get Limber – Learn key simple stretches to keep you injury free, and help you run fast

WEEKS 3 & 4

How to Expand Your Breath, Gain Efficiency and Recover Faster

  • Learn the concept and stepping techniques of Mindful Running & the importance of posture for running and life
  • Learn how to walk in sync with your breath, which will help you walk and run with greater ease, relaxation, and less effort
  • Start more advanced breathing exercises to increase lung capacity and abdominal strength

WEEKS 5 & 6

How to Strengthen Your Legs and Improve Your Running Form

  • Learn key mindful running drills to strengthen your legs and perfect your form
  • Learn more advanced breathing techniques to slow and hold your breath, relax your shoulders and neck
  • Learn how to increase your focus on your runs, helping you get in the “zone” and run extra light
  • Learn a meditation to help you get stronger with each step

WEEKS 7 & 8

How to Build Diversity and Strength into Your Training

  • Learn more new running drills to strengthen your total body
  • Learn key core strengthening exercises, a foundation to lifelong running light and injury-free
  • Learn advanced breathing techniques to lower your heart rate, even as you run faster
  • Learn how to begin moving energy (also called, Life-Force, Qi or Prana) through your body for healing, energy, and focus
  • Learn advanced mindful running techniques for challenging terrain, for the heat, and for the cold

WEEKS 9 & 10

How to access other "gears" in your running through your breath

  • Strengthening your breathing muscles while deepening and slowing your breath
  • Learn how to learn, trouble-shoot and take action to what you’re body’s telling you
  • Boost your cardiovascular system for easier running, greater focus, and better sleep
  • Daily meditations to set yourself up for success, helping you quiet the mind, putting you in a place of joy and gratitude, and helping greatly increase your focus.

WEEKS 11 & 12

The Path of Mindful Running Mastery: Advanced Breathing, Running & Meditation Work to Go Beyond Mindfulness

  • Advanced breathing exercises
  • Advanced meditations
  • Introduction to Performance and Speed
  • Tips for Racing: Training, Race Day Prep
  • Mindful Running at Speed
  • Keys to proper nutrition and hydration
  • Meditations to help you connect to your environment and refill your fuel tank
  • All About Footwear

PLUS Get These 3 Special Bonuses...


Online Video Gait & Form Analysis

( $247 VALUE )

You'll have your form personally scrutinized by Michael Sandler with suggested exercises, drills, and corrections given to make your stride silky smooth, and to help keep you running injury-free. Normally $247, this one session alone is almost priceless when it comes to becoming a better, lighter, and more efficient runner, and for staying healthy for the long run.  

You'll get personal guidance on:

  • Your overall body positioning
  • Food landing, loading, and direction
  • Effectiveness and stability of your core
  • How symmetrically you're moving, landing, and recovering
  • Overall leg alignment and knee positioning
  • Pelvic alignment and rotation
  • Stride length, cadence and hip flexibility
  • Arm swing efficiency
  • Overall posture, including head, shoulders, back and neck
  • Muscle weaknesses and imbalances
  • Other strengths, weaknesses, quirks and nuances


26 VIDEO SERIES: How to Prevent & Recover from
26 of the Most Common Running Injuries

( $97 VALUE )

We have created this extensive bonus so that you don't
have to stop or modify your training because of injuries.

Learn about prevention and recovery from:

1. Plantar Fasciitis
2. Heel Spurs
3. Foot Infections
4. Top of Foot Pain
5. Turf Toe
6. Bruised Big Toe
7. Toe Fractures
8. Bruised or Bloody Toe Nails
9. Ingrown Toe Nails
10. Cuts on Feet
11. Scraped Feet
12. Weak Ankles
13. Pain above Ankles

14. Shin Splints
15. Tight Calf & Achilles
16. Patellar Tendonitis
17. Pain Inside the Knee
18. IT Band Syndrome
19. Tight Hamstrings
20. Groin Pulls
21. Side Sticthes
22. Stomach Aches
23. Sore Arms
24. Sore Back
25. Pain in the Neck
26. Tight Jaw & Sore Teeth


One-on-One Private Coaching Call
with Michael Sandler

( $167 VALUE )

As a member of the program, you are entitled to
1 Complimentary Private Coaching Call!

In your private coaching call with Michael, you'll have the opportunity to discuss your goals, challenges and any other fitness-related questions you might have. You get to decide key topics for discussion, whether you're interested in nutrition and losing weight, setting a new PR, or simply finding a way to enjoy running without pain.

Together, the two of you will chart a new course towards success!

Mindful Running Training Program 2.0
...Offer Summary

Here's everything you get in the training program:

  • 1. 12-Weeks Mindful Running Training Program [FALL & WINTER EDITION] - $497 Value
  • 2. 12-Weeks Meditation, Visualization and Mantras Video and Audio Tracks - $97 Value
  • 3. Six LIVE Online Classes and Q&A's with Michael Sander - $147 Value
  • 4. Private Facebook Group and Community
  • SPECIAL BONUS #1: Video Gait and Form Analysis by Michael Sandler - $247 Value
  • SPECIAL BONUS #2: 26 Video Series on Running Injury Prevention and Recovery - $97 Value
  • SPECIAL BONUS #3: Private one-on-one Coaching Call with Michael Sandler - $167 Value

Total Program Value: $1252

Special Program Offer:
3 Monthly Payments of $97

My Personal 100% Guarantee

I’m so confident that the Mindful Running Training Program and
community will be such a valuable learning resource I’m offering an
unconditional 30-day guarantee
so you can join with absolutely no risk.

Enroll in The Mindful Running Training Program Today!

Here's What People Are Saying:

It is such a relief to find a sports professional who has mastered and completely understands the benefits of mind-body training. I've applied Michael's techniques to sprinting and weight training. And the results at age 64 have blown me away. This is cutting edge stuff, and Michael delivers it in such a detailed and engaging way. It makes getting in the zone so easy and enjoyable you won't want to train any other way.

Joe R. Weaver | Asheville, NC, Metazone Performance Boosting System, www.MetazoneSystem.com

Simply put, the Mindful Running Program completely changed my outlook on running. I have been a competitive runner since high school and always took my training with the upmost seriousness. However, after struggling through years of injury and many painful miles, I decided that I needed to take a new approach to what I loved to do. As important as the physical changes I’ve made, the program has taught me how to approach running mentally.  I have calmed my mind through meditation and nasal breathing, which has been beneficial not only in my running but in the rest of my life as well.

Like most people, my life can be stressful and being able to manage that stress is so important. I have also come to the realization that running myself into a pulp is not the best way to train. My everyday paces have slowed; my weekly mileage is not as high as it once was; yet I’m feeling lighter on my feet than ever! Although I have a long way to go and much building to do, Mindful Running has put me on the right path and steered me away from the dangerous path of chronic injury and fatigue that I was stuck on... Training smart and not hard is truly the way to go.

Dave Doherty | Southington, CT

The Mindful Running Program was life changing and life saving. Whenever life is very demanding, I return to the program and use it as an anchor. Some days it works better than others, of course. Our lives before the program were "life long sentences". We get trapped down in nagging thoughts, especially during our runs and our body hurts even more. And now there is a way out. The so called "vicious cycle" changes into a "promising and hopeful cycle". I also found that my attitudes towards people have changed. I am being more positive and understanding. So most certainly, the lessons we learn through mindful running can be projected into our daily lives. And can change our lives. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel!

Christiane Potschaske | Black Forest, Germany, President of Local Tennis Club, Tennis Trainer

Michael is a living Wikipedia of running. He is someone you should listen to. Here's why: He has taken on a personal mission to educate everyone about how to run properly. He has not branded himself with a single style like so many have. He is not just a spoke on the wheel. He is the wheel. Speaking from personal experience I know that he walks his talk (runs his talk!).

Michael's main strength, other than an unparalleled dedication to his work, is his ability to assimilate a wide body of research on running and teach it. He makes it palatable.

His unfortunate accidents have been turned into a wealth of information on how to heal injuries for everyday people who are dealing with "real world" running problems. There are plenty of rock star runners yet that is not the norm. Michael appeals to everyone from the beginner to Olympic level athletes.

Zach Bergen | Boulder, CO, Engineer at Space Dyanamics Laboratory; Principle Engineer at United Technologies

Join and Enroll Today:

I’m often asked where to start. Now I can say, start here.

Marc Richard Silberman, MD, Director, New Jersey Sports Medicine and Performance Center

Michael Sandler’s experience and research gives any runner vital information on how to run healthier for decades, whether you choose to wear shoes or not. His principles and teaching on how the foot and body all work in proper anatomic function and how to correct dysfunctions is vitally important for running healthy and performance. I have been applying these principles for 10 years now, have not had injury, and still continue to run marathons in under 2:35 at age 43. Like Michael, I was told not to run 10 years ago after operations on my feet. You too can be your own coach armed with the right knowledge.

Mark Cucuzzella, MD, Associate Professor of family Medicine, West Virginia University School of Medicine, Race Director, Freedom’s Run and owner of Two Rivers Treads

The history of running comes full circle Michael and Jessica’s program. Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee join the ranks of Dean Karnazes and Christopher McDougall as prophets of running in the 21st century, showing us how to be smarter, lighter, and better runners, just as our first ancestors were so many millennia ago. Any runner wanting to run with better form will like their program.

Michael Sandrock, Award winning sports journalist, Colorado Running Hall of Fame, author of Running with the Legends, and founder of One World Running

My Complete 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Try the Mindful Running Program Risk-Free for 30-days.  You’ll have the opportunity to experience the program, and if you are still not completely satisfied with the over 100 videos with running techniques, training tools, meditations, breathing exercises, and bonuses like your video gait and form analysis and private coaching call….just let us know and I will refund you no questions asked.