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Top 10 Tips to Get You Back into Running, Strong & Injury-Free! – Part 2

Click here to read about the first 5 Tips I recommend for getting back into running either after injury or a long layoff.   6. Rest in-between your workouts This is key. If you run one day, rest those feet and legs the next. The body works by gently over-stressing things, then building them back […]

Use Mindful Breathing to SuperCharge Your VO2 for Greater Efficiency, Endurance and Recovery

In the past, we’ve all heard how it’s our VO2 max, our ability to take in oxygen that’s the limiting factor in our performance. But now that’s beginning to change. Researchers like Dr. Timothy Noakes, author of The Lore of Running are talking about the mind as being the limiting factor, or the “central governor” […]

The Mindful Shift – Catching Yourself Before You Trip and Fall

You’ve been running on a trail, feeling great. Suddenly, you hit a small rock, stumble, but manage to catch yourself… that is, until you take another dozen steps only to crash and burn after tripping over something else. Often we assume the trip occurred from the second obstacle and had little to do with the first. […]

Mindful Breathing – 5 Minutes Toward Greater Strength, Focus and Inner Peace

Want the simplest way to begin a mindfulness practice or to work your way into mindful movement? Start by focusing on the breath. Our breath acts as a metronome. You could say it’s the drummer in the band for every song that takes place. In essence, your breath is the driver of how high your […]

Mindful Morning Heart Rate Check: The Easiest Way to Keep You from Getting Sick

Ever wonder why some days you feel great, and others you’re slow and sluggish? Or how to know whether to do that long run today, or whether it needs to wait until tomorrow? There’s a very simple indicator you can use to tell if your body’s tired or ready to go for whatever you have […]

What Does Barefoot Running Have To Do With Mindful Running?

You don’t have to become a barefoot runner to enjoy the benefits of mindful running, a certain amount of barefoot time, particularly in the beginning, can greatly enhance your mindful experience. Mindful Running at it’s essence is about increasing awareness, inside and outside of yourself. By definition, this increased awareness is “being mindful”. Now we […]