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Runners’ Top 10 Training Pitfalls and Mindful Tips to Avoid Them – Part 2

Yesterday, I addressed five common training challenges that runners face and powerful ways to overcome them. Today we’re addressing five more common challenges we almost ALL face sooner or later, and simple, yet powerful ways to move past them so we’re running strong, training great, and keeping ourselves from wearing down!   Challenge #6: You’ve […]

Runners’ Top 10 Training Pitfalls and Mindful Tips to Avoid Them – Part 1

How some simple tweaks can turn your training from Mindless to Mindful, helping you get stronger, faster, and happier. Do you constantly find yourself stressed out about working out, or have nagging aches and pains? Often we don’t understand the real “Why’s” behind what we’re doing in training. Either someone just tells us to do […]

Top 10 Mindful Running Tips for Staying Motivated this Winter

Staying motivated through the winter isn’t always that easy. There’s a reason so many gyms are in business. People sign up with their new year’s resolution, but then fade away after the first month or two. If they didn’t, every gym in America would be stuffed to capacity and beyond. But you don’t need to […]

How Do I Stay Barefoot Or Keep My Strong Feet Through the Winter?

It’s just about wintertime, and barefoot runners keep asking me “how do I stay barefoot” or “how do I keep the strong feet I grew over the last year by being barefoot”? These are great questions, and I have great ideas how to help. First off, stay barefoot through the fall as long as you can. […]

How to Breathe Slower and Run Faster

I’m sharing one of the introductory videos in our Mindful Running Training Program called Breathwork 101.  Breathwork is a huge component of the training we cover in this 6-week program. In this video I explain how you can improve your running by slowing down your breath (which simulates high-altitude training). You may have heard me […]

From Mindful Movement to “AH-HA!” Moments: 4 Steps to Getting Answers to Life’s Biggest Questions

Have a big decision to make? Unsure what to do about something? My best advice? Go for a mindful run or walk (Surprise Surprise!). Even for a short one. When we’re moving our brains tend to open up, cleansing away anxiety and helping us to think more clearly. For myself, if I have something important […]

3 Mindful Running Training Videos

I want to personally invite you to watch 3 Mindful Running Training videos over the next several weeks. You will learn more about Mindful Running and how it can transform your running and life. Click this link to immediately access the first video here: NEW VIDEO: Mindful Running – Running Into the NOW You might […]