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Michael’s Top 17 Foods, Ointments, Salves & Supplements for a Quicker Recovery!

Two months ago I was involved in a pretty substantial training accident on my bike. I broke my collarbone, ribs (both front and back,) my shoulder-blade in three places, plus knocked lose the pre-existing pins in both my left femur and hip. Talk about OUCH! At the time doctors worried I needed substantial surgery on […]

Finding Inner Serenity – No Matter How the Winds May Blow

This morning I struggled to breathe. I woke with a heavy chest, not from daily burdens, but from cane sugar burning near the house. Maui is perhaps the only place on earth where burning pesticide-laden sugar cane fields, along with plastic irrigation lines, is still legal. And in advance of tropical storm Ana, those toxic […]

Quick Mindful Running Tip – 5 Minutes to Ensure a More Mindful Run

What’s one thing you can do when you first walk out the door to ensure a more mindful run? Work to sync your breath with your stride. Warming up is the best time to make this mind/body connection. And it takes just 5 minutes. Start by walking at a nice gentle pace. Then focus on […]

From Movement to Meditation to Near Death and Back Again – How Mindful Running Came to Be

I first remember meditating as part of a drama program in high school. As a child growing up with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), it was perhaps the first time my mind completely calmed and the whirring stopped, other than when I was running or on a bicycle. But I had no idea why. From […]