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Merrell Bare Access Ultra Shoe Review

I must admit, I’ve gotta eat a little crow here (chirp-chirp). As the author of Barefoot Running, I haven’t been the biggest fan over the years of Merrell’s early “barefoot” shoes, and they’re uh, “Run Bare” shoe…hmmm, since they came out. But…I’m very open, know I’m wrong as often as I’m right, and always willing […]

The 10% Rule for Changing Your Running Shoes

I’ve had a lot of coaching clients recently challenged and humbled by new spring footwear. When we switch running shoes quickly, we often get hurt. No matter the type of runner whether minimalist, maximalist, or anywhere in-between, sooner or later we all need to change footwear, particularly when the seasons change. Though we’ve often heard we need to “break in” […]

Are You Too Old to Start Barefoot Running? Findings from a barefoot running study offer new insight.

People over 30 may take more time to safely adjust to ‘minimalist’ shoes, barefoot running study suggests Transition slowly. When it comes to starting into barefoot running, these words cannot be overstated. Or as I like to say, begin with only 100 yards. When we change our gait or our moving pattern, from a “bad” […]

5 Ways to Build Your Running Foundation Strong for Speed, Power & Coordination

More Than Just Base Miles In the past, people made the mistake of only focusing on base miles. Then they’d find themselves struggling throughout the season, for they’d trained their body only to go slow. So you want to take the other 15% – 20% of your time to begin training a little speed, power, […]

10 Bodacious Benefits of Mindful Base Miles & How to Begin Today!

If you’ve ever lived, trained or visited Boulder, Colorado, then you’ve likely seen some of the top athletes in the world, running slower than the average grandma with her walker. And if you’ve gone to some of the top training camps in the Rift Valley, or elsewhere throughout Africa, you’d be blown away by how […]

Top 10 Tips to Get You Back Into Running, Strong & Injury-Free! – Part 1

As a coach and one who has survived and thrived after my fair share of injuries, one of the most frequent questions I’m asked is… How do I get back into running after a long layoff? Oftentimes layoffs are out of our control, due to circumstances like an injury or in many cases right now–a […]